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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the controversy over the arrest of a man on an airline with sagging pants attracted the attention of a topsyville rights group. >> why workers spent the night at city hall in san jose. >> details on what happens next.
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good afternoon. we begin with a civil rights debate over proper dress code on us airways. the local chapter of the naacp wrapped up a news conference to point out the disparity on how two different dress codes were addressed. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: they want several things from us airways. the local chapter of the naaacp. deson's mother, donna doyle joined members of the naacp saying they wanted employees to complete a racial sensitivity
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training. >> i didn't break laws, touch nobody. they don't need to be here and they can't put their hands on me. i know my rights. >> reporter: that's deson marman you hear taking aboard a flight where a university athlete and student was told to get off the plane for whering sagging plants and not complying with a flight attendant and captain. police then arrested marman. >> the saggy pants itself. i'm a mother of four sons. i don't approve of it. they're boys. it's a trend. >> a lot of people said you were playing the race card. we're dealing with the deck that was dealt. race is still a part of our fabric in this nation. >> reporter: the family notes marman was wearing pajama pants,
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not sagging jeans. he said sagging pant started in prison. he said the prison trend shouldn't be embed or confused with the african-american culture. where marman was eventually hauled off, what angered the naacp is this man got on a flight like this dressed scantily clad in a woman's bikini. there's a hering to discuss this incident and will be held at 3 in the afternoon. >> all right. thank you, jade. two construction workers suffered minor injuries in anti okay when rebar from a sound bar fell on them. they were working on the wall at somerville road as part of a project to widen highway 4. paramedics took the workers to walnut creek. it added to the usual morning
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commute traffic jam. cal osha is investigating. san jose's police chief announced this morning his department is getting help from the federal department of homeland security. two agents from the immigrations and customs agency will join the gang task force. it's part of a six-year-old campaign called operation community shield. >> these direct -- detectives have experience in street gangs like ms13. >> san jose police said plot agents frr immigration and cuss -- from immigration and customs, they will not participate in deportations. a zombie march, then pan overnight camp out at city hall.
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kraig debro explains. >> reporter: they wanted to emulate worker hops wanted to keep bargaining rights. >> a lot of people slept over. we want to stand in solidarity. >> reporter: later today the san jose city council hold as special agenda meeting. according to the website, the mayor will declare a fiscal and pub lick safety meeting. >> we are in a crisis that we need to drails. >> reporter: council members will begin discussing changes that would allow san jose to reduce its contribution. some union members are sceptical and suspicious. >> he's trying to cut our salaries and rework how our pension will be.
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we're under a contract presently. if he is planning to break the contract -- >> reporter: in a letter, they said they take a different view. >> we have an obligation to protect our people. >> reporter: whether it's legal or not, the question is how much it will cost. the mayor said a final draft of it should be ready for city council's aprfl in deals before going to voters in march, the day of the california primary. in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a group is recommending that the group install sprinklers. the grand jury has been investigating last july's devastating fire at trace elementary school. the school did not have
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automatic sprinklers. the victims of tuesday's fire in san jose are getting help from old nay vi. the fire caused extensive damage to the fraternity house. they lost most of their possessions. today old navy will allow them to buy new clothes at a discount price. two key votes in congress today concerning lib ya. a short time ago the house turned back a republican-led effort to cut off money for military hostility. this vote came right after the house voted down the measure that would have given president obama authority to continue the u.s. military involvement. liberal democrats joined republicans to defeat the resolution. they're upset mr. obama did not get congressional authorization before joining the nato
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campaign. one of them was a congresswoman from petaluma. >> this congress must reassert our power and not fund an unauthorized war. >> the resolution is adopted. >> it doesn't have any immediate effect on the involvement in libya. it's the first time in 12 years either house has voted against a military operation. we're getting word that a plan who was a favorite character for many people, especially on tv has died. a man is' queuesed of painting pornography at murals in the bay area. you'll hear what police has to say. >> and we'll tell you if you can expect a warm weekend or a cool one. it may depend on where you live. also -- >> things are heating up here. coming up, we'll give you a live
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look at the action and introduce you to a man who's been a nascar fan for decades. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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three plen are said to be okay -- men are said to be okay
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after a plane crash. the plane was still there when chopper 2 flew over this morning. three plen on board were able to climb ot on their own but one complained of back pain. it appears the plane lost power but the accident is under investigation. nascar returns to the bay area. 100,000 stanes are expected -- fans are expected to be there. ktvu's claudine wong is there. claudine? >> reporter: the track is hot. when you look out, you're going to hear it. it gets loud. these are the practice runs that are now underway. this is the only northern california stop and it is the biggest weekend of the year. thousands will be here headed for a glimpse of the action. month fans will be a man with a very unique perspective.
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high on the hill, this 84-year-old, a stock car fan since he was 25 years old. he has the inside track on racing. back in the '50s and '60s, he owned one. >> that was the way you received your trophy. you had to kiss the trophy girl. i don't know if you had to. >> reporter: it has become what nascar is today, a different race but with the same draw. >> they have a more protective way of racing. >> reporter: is it good? >> yes. i go to all the races. >> reporter: today he joins all die-hards. they put in their money months ago for a hill top view. >> we started off up there land
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worked our way down to better seating. it's beautiful. i within the change it. >> reporter: up here, you hear the sound of engines. for al who was inducted into the stock car hall of fame, it's what help wanted. >> if they don't win, you feel bad. that's all right. >> reporter: it should be a good weekend. tickets are still available. the number of fans and corporate sponsors are up for the first time in three years. taking a live look back at the track, practice runs today. there they go, racing tomorrow and then the big race. the biggest thing for nascar.
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reporting live, i'm claudine wong, ktvu. >> thank you. a select group of active reserve and retired military personnel will be given free tickets to this weekend's nascar race. go to the front page and click on right now. you'll find details on how to enter the giveaway. one of the biggest events of the year kicks whoever in san francisco. 1.2million people are expected to attend the annual pride sell braismghts events kick off at 3 this afternoon heading up to sunday's big parade. restaurant owners, bars and police are preparing for the large crowds expected in the castro. >> we expect a lot of people, and, you know everybody comes and will show up and have a good time. >> the pride celebration committee is a nonprofit group. it came under fire last year for rack being up a $225,000 debt.
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now it's climbing out of the red after paying everybody back rand reducing the debt to $77,000. more details on more of the pride events. it's the transgender march near dolores park. tomorrow is pink saturday. the annual march to the castro starts at 7:00. that leads up to 7:00 with the parade at 10:30. the celebration at the civic center at 1 p.m -- 11 a.m. this sunday on a second look we trace the history behind the pride celebration, including the 1977 stabbing that brought the gay and straight community together, doubling the size of the celebration. we'll have that at 11. for a complete list of the
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events, go to click on the right now section. actor peter fall -- faulk, known for his distinctive voice, has died. >> hi, ma'am, i'm with the police. >> his family said faulk died yesterday. he was best known for his role in "columbo" and follow meat inned for murder, inc. he was 83 years old survived by his wife and two daughters. a director of a child's after program in sphraps is charged with adding pornographic pictures to murals. the police did not confirm that this mural was one that contained the offensive material. the suspect is anthony joseph
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north, director of the program kids serve. earlier this month he was arrested for child important if i -- important if i. >> the old mill, and one in oakland and one in san rafael. >> police say it's only one inch by one inch in size. so far they have been found in four san francisco murals. the beach had been partially closed after a helicopter spotted a great white shark. people were only allowed into shallow water. the restrictions could be enforced again if there's either
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shark sighting. a look outside in oakland showing mostly clear skies. here's a pretty picture. cooling trend, pretty much right on track. topping out in the lower 80s. right now on live storm tracker two, south for pacifica, half mon bay and right around the area. cooler, some patchy coastal fog. warmer for the second half of the weekend. next woke more clouds and a significant dropoff. here's some of the numbers. from fairfield to concord. san jose at 73. san francisco downtown right around 61 degrees. this area of low pressure is moving in from the north. fact, it's cooling us off. that trend will continue for today and saturday as we have
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the cooler on shore breeze. most areas with afternoon highs in the 60s and 70s. saturday the coolest day of the period. here's our forecast model showing you the fog right now. we'll put this into motion. by 3:00, by 4:00. you'll see it break up but partly cloudy skies and then the low clouds on the increase. here we are at 10:00. we'll show you more fog pushing into the bay on the 10:00 news. then for tomorrow morning still some overcast. this will translate to a cooler saturday. clouds will pull back. for today, today's forecast at 3:00, 60 to 0. boy 7:00 a bit of a breeze, 58 to 70. here's a look at the numbers. warmest location in the lower
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80s. san francisco will go with 63. free month 74. san jose right around 76. here is a look ahead at your five-delay forecast. cooler. more fog to start out your saturday morning. we'll bump up the numbers for the second half of the weekend. looks like monday will be the warmest day offed the -- of the period. some of the forecast models hinting a few light showers late tuesday into wednesday. it's still way out there. so we'll keep you posted on that but definitely more clouds. a city in santa cruz county will no long are block the installation of smart meters. the capitola voted against it. the council said they're okay with the smart either
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installations because pg&e is allowing customers to opt out. they're developing a nontransmitting version of the device. today the highly anticipated "cars 2" races into sequel. it reunites the original cast including owen wilson and larry the cable guy and welcomes newcomer michael cane and nascar driver jeff gordon. we spoke to the movie's director. >> i'm excited about getting "cars 2". >> this is the first movie john lasseter has made since the first one. you can see a new comer at san jose's feck museum tomorrow from
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10 a.m. to 4 p.m. we have or clips from the movies as well as behind the seen action. just go to and click on the "cars 2" on the home page. still ahead, why the federal government may go after google. partly because it's so successful. ♪
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taking a look at the big
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boompletd the stocks are heading to three days of losses. the blame is overseas in europe. there are worries about the italian banking sector. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently down 116 at 11,933. nasdaq is down 39. s&p down 15. oil at $91.17. google confirmed it is the target of an hasn't trust federal investigation. google said it's not sure what the concerns are but the group said the federal trade commission is looking into whether google abuse its dominance to creates an unfair advantage in the other online pursuits. google rivals complain that they use search results to steer people to its own sites and service. tonight at 5:00 nasa is
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tracking a newly discovered asteroid that will pass by earth on monday. plus, is your cell phone really a 4g? one bay area congress woman says maybe not. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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